Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Change of Path....

Dear friends,

As fate will have it, my program just decided to end early because ofthe security situation! My class was JUST informed this morning onour first day back from break and I am in a complete state of shock.While I feel personally (as do my classmates) that this decision wasnot necessary, I recognize that this must be a hidden blessing withadventures to enjoy up ahead!

At the moment, I am mostly numb fromthis happening so quickly.So far, the plan is to go to India for a month take a yoga teachertraining course while following our last course for the degree on-linefrom there. I should be back to the states by the end of October,spend some time in NYC and finally attend the required 2 week seminarat the Vermont SIT campus and my graduation on Dec. 22.

Life's path continues and I am ready for the adventure. Again, I justfeel in shock. It is especially jarring since we are REQUIRED toleave the country by Sept. 18th - only allowing two weeks to get a lotdone.I'll try to keep you updated. In the meantime there is lots to do -buy tkts, get another visa to India, pack, get gifts, say goodbye toso many people, visit my village, write newspaper columns, write 1stdraft of thesis, read for school, organize life, ship stuff, travel toplaces in SL that I haven't seen before (with the exception of theconflict areas), etc.

Love and Peace,



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