Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Beginning of Sri Lanka Through Ruah's Eyes

As fate will have it, I have been presented with the incredible opportunity to write a weekly editorial column in one of Sri Lanka's leading newspapers, the Daily News ( I have been asked to write about my experiences here in Sri Lanka as an American/New Yorker.

I should admit that these days what is really at the forefront of my mind is the struggle for peace in this world and praying for those who suffer from violence and those who have power to make peace happen. However, in this weekly space I will really be focusing on my own personal experiences and perspectives of being here in Sri Lanka. I hope that this will be an opportunity to voice advocacy of my belief in the importance of seeking peaceful interactions with others through being conscientious in thoughts and actions. I will post the articles as they are published. However, feel free to go directly to them every Thursday on the Daily News website.

Finally, I feel compelled to pay special respect to my dear friends and family who provided me with feedback on the first piece. A special thank you to my dear friend and talented editor, Brian. He has been incredibly generous with his time and intellect. His 23 years of friendship is as good as it gets! Thank you!


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